We’re a husband and wife team that simply love food. Everything we do is food orientated, whether that be watching cookery shows or visiting markets to try lots of amazing street food.

In 2012, we went to Korea to celebrate our honeymoon. It was an opportunity for Gareth to meet his new in-laws and also experience all the culture and food that Korea has to offer.

Gareth quickly found that he just loved all the food there…from Sam Gae Tang (Korean chicken and ginseng stew) to special duck bulgogi in Busan (spicy, sweet and addictive), his catchphrase became: “This is delicious, it’s my new favourite!” to everything he tried.

It was on this trip that Gareth tried his first Bulgogi burger at a fast food restaurant. It was delicious, but we thought that if we could make it at home, using the best ingredients – it could be even better.

A few months later, we made our first homemade bulgogi burger. Gareth enjoyed it so much that he then devoured three in a row, exclaiming “someone should really sell these!” So it was as simple as that. The basic idea for Busan BBQ was born.