We’re incredibly proud to have written our first recipe book,K-Food: Korean home cooking and street food, published by the amazing guys at Octopus Publishing. This book has been a real labour of love, and is a collection of recipes that I’ve grown up with and many that we’ve created together along the way. Some of the recipes are traditionally Korean and we go through the details of explaining the customs, culture and etiquette associated with eating in Korea (along with a big feature on the drinking culture…and the games), whereas other recipes take the Korean flavours we love and mash them with other ideas to create deliciously inauthentic dishes which also give a little insight into modern day Korea – and show how Korean ingredients can be super versatile and adapted into your everyday cooking, or perhaps give you some new ideas for twists on your favourite dishes (for example, Spoon Pizza – as good and crazy as it sounds). We really hope you love it and would love to hear your feedback – you can email us on hello@busanbbq.co.uk to tell us what you think!